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What is a Solar Panel

A Solar Panel consists of solar cells that convert sunlight into electricity. Solar panels have one or more outputs, which transfer the energy to the to be charged device. In our range we have several portable solar panels for multiple applications. Like that there are solar panels with a USB output to be able to charge USB devices and there also are solar panels with a DC, or MC4 output to be able to charge Power Packs or Solar Generators.

Solar panels provide alternating current charging, because the conditions on a day are never the same. We therefore recommend to always connect a solar panel to a battery pack (USB Power Bank, Power Pack or a Solar Generator), where the generated energy can be stored. A battery pack can supply other devices with energy. A battery pack does always provide a constant charging current, as this can also be obtained from a wall outlet.

The ability of a Solar Panel is expressed in watts (W). There are a number of factors that affect the energy yield:

  • The ability of a solar panel
  • The weather conditions
  • How the sunlight falls on the solar panel
  • There may be filters (clouds, shadows, windows), which hinder generating energy
  • Seasons: in summer it is longer light compared to the winter

A number of solar panels in our range can also be linked together, serial or parallel. As a result, the ability of the solar panels is transmitted ‘bundled’ to a battery pack.

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