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Nowhere else you will find this many top brands in portable power in one place. We only have the best product in our catalog. These are all A-brands that, like us, are always looking for renewal in efficiency, convenience and applicability. With so many A-brands, choosing could be a challenge.
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Goal Zero, part of the American company NRG Energy, has had a clear mission in mind from the beginning. Developing sustainable quality products with a clear focus on solar energy. Goal Zero has a wide range. From solar panels and power banks for charging USB devices such as smartphones and tablets, power packs for charging cameras and laptops to solar generators to provide a wide range of household appliances with energy. Goal Zero has managed to develop sustainable products with a clear function. The solar panels of Goal Zero are designed so that even a little bit of daylight is sufficient to generate energy. Goal Zero products never let you down, wherever you are.

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With its headquarters in the heart of Lüneburg, WATTSTUNDE GmbH specializes in the regenerative energy generation segment. WATTSTUNDE focuses primarily on the production of high-quality solar panels and components for self-sufficient systems. In the field of mobile energy supply, WATTSTUNDE offers numerous solar systems for motorhomes, sailing yachts and cars. The solar systems vary from simple kits for the technically experienced hobbyist to fully pre-assembled Offgrid PV systems for professional and industrial applications. There is an optimal solution for every application or vehicle type, so you can continue to enjoy the self-sufficient benefits of a solar system in the future.

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Xtorm is part of the Dutch company A-solar. The company was founded in 2008 and has the vision to realize solutions for providing energy for mobile devices. Xtorm has a varied range of solar products such as a Xtorm solar charger and the Xtorm solarbooster. A Xtorm powerbank is suitable for most USB devices, from smartphones to tablets. The range is extensive with many accessories such as adapters, cables, and USB hubs. Whether you’re going camping, making a long cycling trip, going on a business trip, or just for everyday use, with the products of Xtorm you’ll always and anywhere have extra energy at hand!

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EcoFlow is a pioneering portable power company that is reinventing the way the world accesses energy. As makers of industry-first, smart and powerful portable power products, EcoFlow designs, creates and sells energy storage products to consumers across the world. EcoFlow’s mission is to harness new technologies to foster inclusion and help raise standards of living in areas of the world where power shortages stunt economic growth and development. A privately held multinational company, EcoFlow has offices in San Francisco, CA and Shenzhen, China.

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Powertraveller designs, develops and manufactures power and solar chargers for electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and laptops. The products are designed in England and then tested in the most inhospitable areas in the world. Quality is highly valuated at Powertraveller. Products from Power Traveller are also extremely resistant against the cold, often (splash) waterproof and can therefore be used nearly worldwide. Powertraveller gives you the freedom to pursue an active outdoor lifestyle. You're always reachable wherever you are.

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The Swedish SUNBEAMsystem is market leader in the field of flexible and walkable solar panels. These are specifically developed for use in the most demanding conditions and therefore very suitable for water sports and other off-grid applications. The high-tech solar panels offer a very reliable source of sustainable energy. The record-holding Sunpower ™ solar cells guarantee the highest attainable yield per square meter, a minimal loss of efficiency and better performance in low light intensity. The solar panels are very small in size due to the unprecedented high efficiency of these unique cells. Innovation is one of the most important pillars within SUNBEAMsystem. The Swedish brand distinguishes itself from the rest of the market by a series of unique and proprietary innovations, features that you won't see anywhere else.

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Victron Energy

Victron Energy has a strong, unparalleled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and quality. These products are worldwide considered as the professional choice for independent electrical energy supply. The Victron Energy products have been developed to offer the optimum solution for almost every desired energy system. Our product line includes the Smart MPPT Bluetooth charge controllers.

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Lensun was founded in 2008 and has been a professional manufacturer of various types of solar panels. In our assortment, we have Semi flexible solar panels and Folding solar panels. The unique feature of the Folding panels are the integrated charge controllers for direct charging of 12V batteries. Semi flexible panels are light and easy to transport. The solar panels are waterproof, and shock resistance, and are therefore suitable for permanent mounting on a camper / caravan, boat or car for example. Because of the many possibilities offered by these solar panels, Lensun is suitable for almost any situation.

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LIFEPOWR designs and develops mobile energy solutions. This could go far into the future, but at this time (2016) they focus on three products. The latest product is the LIFEPOWR A2, a portable outlet with 230 Volts that you can take with and to which you can connect nearly any device with a power of 100 W. Such as a laptop, small cooler, or a small LED TV. By linking the LIFEPOWR A2 to a solar panel, you can charge it anywhere and thus become energy independent.

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