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What is a power bank

A power bank consists of a battery in a housing with one or more inputs and outputs. Via the input of the power bank itself is charged, via the output of the power bank another device can be charged.

Power banks are available in all shapes and sizes. In our assortment you will find USB Power Banks, Laptop Powerbanks and Portable Power Stations.

  • USB Power Banks (Battery Packs) are meant for charging USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, action cameras, etc.
  • Laptop Powerbanks have in addition to the USB output also a DC output and can also charge for example,laptops, DSLR cameras and other devices with a DC input.
  • Portable Power Stations have in addition to the USB and DC outputs also one or more AC (230 V) outputs. You can connect almost all devices, from TV to fridge to the largest generators.

The battery capacity of a power bank is normally expressed in Wh. Based on the capacity or power consumption of the device which is connected to the battery pack, you can calculate how often or how long your device can be charged / powered.

Most battery packs in our range can be charged by solar panels, via the sockets or via the cigarette lighter in the car. You can combine a power bank with a solar panel and create your own solar kit.

Power banks can be used in almost all situations. We also have a number of fully waterproof power banks in our range, which you can even use in the most extreme weather conditions without any problems.

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